Swink Residence

  • TaskArchitecture and Construction

The Swink residence was designed and built by Buz Morris. Located on family property in Effingham, SC the home was designed using the Millford Plantation house as a precedence. The exterior is carefully proportioned by classical standards throughout. The front of the home has a grand piazza with columns, and triple-hung windows, which are made to be opened to walk through and provide improved circulation to the house.


The tripartite hall in the center of the home has a front, middle and back. The middle has a circular staircase that enters the space gracefully. The ground floor has grand 12-foot ceilings and the top floor has 10-foot ceilings. The mouldings in the home were milled to Buz’s design specifications by the craftsmen at DriWood, right around the corner from Effingham, in Florence, SC.